How IT Started….

Salty Buddha was created and founded by Rachael Croll, local native and Anna Maria Island resident. Her dream since she began teaching, was to own her own paddleboard & yoga biz. Connecting people to the water through SUP yoga. Determination, extensive training, a whole lot of patience, and unwavering support from friends and family... Rachael is now truly living her dream as owner of Salty Buddha. 

Owner/Founder, Rachael’s Journey: 

In my early twenties I was living in NYC briefly, feeling a little lost and unsure where I was going in life. I started taking yoga classes at a donation based studio the next block over, in an effort to squeeze in a daily workout on the cheap. Little did I know, that my life would soon be transformed by the magic of yoga. Within a year, I had developed a daily practice and strong commitment to LOVING myself and finding true peace within.

I moved back to my small hometown in Florida, with the deep desire to teach yoga. Once back, I discovered stand-up paddleboard yoga (or SUP Yoga). I was BLOWN away. All I could think was, "I can do yoga... literally on the water??" I knew then, my true niche and passion had been ignited. Mind you, I'd only paddleboarded a few times and had never taught a yoga class at this point. But I KNEW with every fiber of my being, that SUP yoga was going to change my life and that I was going to teach it. “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”- Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

So being the practical, steadfast, and determined little redhead that I am... I got to WORK. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training and started leading classes right away. I loved teaching on the mat and knew I was on the right path.... But the water was calling my name, and I was not about to ignore that call. Later that year I traveled to Miami to complete my certification for SUP Yoga under Amelia Travis (Stoked Yogi). I worked hard for a couple years after, learning how to teach on the mat and beginning to teach on the water. I was determined to become a solid yoga teacher on land, before I began teaching on the water. I built a foundation and continued to work toward my ultimate goal: Owning my very own paddleboard company and yoga studio.

And January 1st 2016.... SALTY BUDDHA was born. I currently have a fleet of Glide Lotus paddleboards (the best board out there!). Salty Buddha has a team of 5 instructors. We offer weekly classes, sunset paddles, private sessions and tours, SUP fishing charters, kids paddle camps in the summer, and international yoga retreats. I love creating memorable experiences for people on the water! Every day I get to teach SUP yoga is a happy day for me. I get to connect with others, nature, breath, body, and mind. It's not work, its the life and business I've built and LOVE! Everybody has a dream, I went for mine and I'm so stoked you’re reading this and want be a part of it! Lets connect and create awesome experiences together!  

Rachael Croll, owner of salty buddha on Anna Maria Island