Perhaps life is just one long transition. A movement from birth to death. Within it millions of little transitions. Continuously changing us, pushing us, carrying us along in all sorts of directions.

The more we embrace the transitory nature of our existence, perhaps the less suffering we’ll endure. Why resist change when it’s inevitable? Why fight the natural flow of our life from the turns and bends it creates? What would it take to allow the fluidity of life and its transitions to move us along? 

Control. WE HAVE TO GIVE UP CONTROL. That’s a real son of a bitch, cause we as humans like to be in control. 

We want to know what the next step is. We want guarantees. We want assurance that if we put in effort, we’ll get what we wish for in return. That’s not how life works though, because we all know there are no guarantees. Yet we push to control the variables of our life hoping that the result will meet our idealistic expectations. We find ourselves locked in a circle of: Control/ Expectations/ Resistance/Uncertainty.

Loosening the grip of control, letting our expectations soften, and releasing our idea of what life should look like.... might just be the key. 

The key to soaring through this transition from birth to death on a magic caprpet. Dazzled by what could be around the corner, not fearful. Fascinated with the vast and endless curves that our ride might take. Unconcerned with expectations or worries, but allowing the magic to unfold around us with wonderous child-like eyes. 

When we remain stuck on the blueprint we created for our life. When we become so fearful of taking the wrong next step we become paralyzed in the familiarity of unfulfillment. When life is pushing us one way and we’re fighting with all our might to stay still. We are robbing ourselves of the magic carpet that’s waiting patiently for us to step onto it. We just have to let go. Let go of the control. Let go of resistance. Let go of fear. And take the step.

Step onto the magic carpet. Let go and see what magic can unfold. 

Sending you peace, love, and good vibes always-



Rachael Croll