From Corporate Finance to Yogi Entrepreneur 


I worked in corporate finance off and on throughout my early twenties. To say I struggled with corporate life would be an understatement. I constantly felt like I was a caged bird, dreaming of flying freely but trapped to the confines of my cubicle existence. I hated sitting for so many hours. I hated the stress, and the obsession with material possessions and status. I kept telling myself, I'd get used to cube life. I told myself that I was lucky to have PTO, a 401K, and awesome health insurance. That as a millennial, I was doing everything just right. My job was in my industry, the company was large, and the corporate culture was good. But why was I SO MISERABLE?

I was miserable because I wasn't living my truth. I was living the life I was "expected" to live. I had the job I was told I was "supposed" to have. I had cast away all of my real passions, desires, and dreams to live a life that everybody else told me I should be thrilled to live. I was NOT THRILLED, and it was mentally paralyzing me. I began to realize that my life is too damn short to just live for the weekends. To feel like my soul was being sucked from me every day I spent in my cube.


I decided I didn't want to set my life on cruise control for a moment longer. I began plotting my way out. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I knew I loved yoga and wanted to teach it. And I knew I loved the water and wanted to be outside. 

Now did I quit my job and turn around to start a successful business the next day? No... that didn't happen. Life is pretty magical, but my shit isn't that enchanting.

First, I got my yoga teaching certification, while continuing to work my 9-5 job. I began guiding classes, while planning my long-term goals of freedom, nature, and financial empowerment. Once I had a foundation and a clear vision, I did quit my job. I felt like I had enough direction and support to leave the stability of my 9-5 and plunge forward in the direction of my true desires.

Following my dreams has come with some sacrifices. It's meant serving tables, even though I have two bachelors degrees in business. It's meant spending money on trainings to learn how to teach yoga on paddleboards. It's meant moving back in with my parents for a while to save some cash. It's meant drinking wine out of a box and beans out of a can to get by. But I'll tell you what... I was more happy in those moments then I ever was working in finance. Because I had purpose and passion in those moments. I had aspirations and visions. I had a fire burning inside of me that could not be squelched until I realized my dreams. And that is LIVING. That is living on purpose. For a purpose. 

I've only owned my business for a year and I'm in the very early stages of entrepreneurship. I don't have any employees yet, and I'm basically a one woman show. But I'm pumped for what lies ahead. I'm thrilled to have come this far. And I'm grateful every damn day to be on this path and journey. 

I'm sharing this story because I needed to hear stories like mine a dozen times before I got the courage to seek a life I wanted to truly live. I'm sharing my story because I want to connect. I want my journey to mean something and invoke a spark in others who might be feeling what I once felt.

As much as I want to be a successful entrepreneur, I want to connect to you and others even more. Because the connection, the invitation to live life fully, and the inspiration behind my business is just as important as my business itself. 

May you move confidently in the direction of your dreams, and live a life you're wildly passionate about! 

Sending you light, love, and good vibes always.





Rachael Croll