Change: A Love/Hate Relationship

What are your thoughts on change? Does change seem exciting and fresh, or scary and uncertain? What about when things change that we don't really want to change? Maybe you shell up, kicking and screaming with desperate hope that things don't have to be different. (I know I've been there!) Change can be graciously and gently invited into our life, or greeted with fear and animosity. 

I relate a lot of things I see in yoga to my life off the mat. One thing I've noticed as I teach, is a certain amount of resistence in poses that are uncomfortable. This to me, is very similar to why we resist change in our life: Because it is uncomfortable. In yoga we are often told to "soften" or "relax" into a pose. This can be somewhat off-putting when your twisted into a position that your trying to squirm your way out of. The thing is, if we just soften and loosen up, we can find comfort and ease in the pose. We can go deeper, release, and feel better than we did before. Resistence brings suffering. When we resist in a yoga pose, our bodies tense up and we become extremely uncomfortable. Holding the pose can seem torturous. The same goes in life. When we resist change, we suffer. We tense up, become uncomfortable, and soak in our misery. 

I've noticed that we resist change the most in life, when things are going well. When we feel all safe and comfortable. Makes sense right? Why the hell would we want our honkey dory, ho-hum existence to get all F'd up? Things are moving along quite nicely... and then WAM. the universe throws you a curveball. We get pissy and annoyed that things can't stay the way they've always been: Safe. Comfortable. Predictable. So we shell up, both mentally and physically. And we resist the change.

When we're in a state of resistence it's as if we've put hurricane shutters over the windows to our heart. It's like walking around with those weird goggle sunglasses that elderly people wear, or people who just left the eye doctor with their pupils dilated. With the goggle glasses on, no light can come in. There are no opportunities to expand, chances to be taken, or new energy to be drawn inward. When we are so focused on shelling up and resisting (change or anything life throws at us), we are literally shutting out all the new and exciting energy that comes along with it. This energy of infinite possibilities is available to us ALL the time. This consciousness is moving around us 24/7, we just have to soften and open up to access it. Just like in yoga, when we stop resisting, the magic starts to happen. 

Lately, I've been trying to lift those shutters up and throw the goggle glasses off my face in the midst of change or life curveballs. Instead, I now aim to soften, to relax, and let go of resistence. I'm happy to report the result so far: FLOW. A beautiful synergy and flow of life that I didn't know was actually possible for me. IT IS. And it's totally possible for you to! I invite you to meet change and anything uncomfortable in life by softening and letting go of resistence. And may you all feel the magic of FLOW.

-As always, sending each of you light, love, and good vibes

(Special shout out to tropical storm Hermaine and mother nature for giving me a break in time to write this, which has been on my mind for weeks)

Rachael Croll