Is Enough Ever Really Enough?

What do we value most in life? Is it our family, our relationships, our pets? Maybe it's experiences and memories. Or a home and belongings.What do we truly value, and what do we have in our lives just for the sake of having it?  What "stuff" are we accumulating, and more importantly, why?

While at my recent yoga retreat, the topic of "enough" came up. A deep discussion of what we value and why we value it arose. This idea of our "level of enough" deeply resonated with me. When do we stop accumulating? Or do we ever? What things do we truly need in life to thrive and be happy? When we begin to earn more money, does our level of enough rise with it? How does our level of income affect our level of enough? 

A few years ago I was working in corporate finance, miserable and questioning everything around me. I found myself surrounded by people whose "level of enough" was so high it seemed unimaginable. What was even more interesting to observe were all the people I worked with who's enough was not enough because they constantly strived for the next level. I began noticing that once these people reached said level, their sights were already set on the next level. So I began asking myself, "When is ENOUGH going to be ENOUGH?"?

I'm not writing this to judge anyone's "level of enough". No one person is the same, so your level of enough is yours and yours alone. I'm writing this in hopes that we can all bring awareness to our feelings of enough. That we can be aware of what we place value on and what we can release attachments to. Awareness is the key to freedom.

I think it takes some people their whole life to realize that upping their "level of enough" didn't give them a feeling of real worth. Because what is YOUR WORTH when you think about it? Your worth is your happiness, your health, your close relationships, your experiences. Those things have real value. SOUL VALUE.

Sure we put value on little pieces of paper. We use this paper to buy and sell goods and services. We need this paper. This money. No question about it. But when do we stop and ask ourselves, "AM I VALUING MYSELF USING PAPER CURRENCY OR SOUL CURRENCY?"

Sending you light, love, and good vibes always.


Rachael Croll