When The Universe Sends You a Wake-Up Call

On this wild ride called life, I've noticed...

The universe is always revealing lessons to be learned. However, with all the distractions and constant movement in our lives, we don't always pick up on it. Then the universe really starts to tug and pull on us. We're continuously thrown into situations and scenarios until we see CLEARLY what we must learn. I used to be so oblivious to these directional queues. The message would have to appear to me in 50 different ways before I'd even begin to recognize what was going on. Finally I'd think. "Hey, maybe I should figure this out since it keeps happening" 

Nowadays I'm a little more aware (just a little). And I can see lessons cropping up in my life. Since Im aware, I NOTICE them. Awareness gives me the opportunity to reflect and look more deeply into what the universe is revealing to me. I've noticed two lessons playing out in my life over and over again: Non-Attachment and Impermanence.

Non- Attachment is something many yogis are familiar with, as it is one of Patanjali's infamous yoga sutras. Yoga sutras are kinda like nuggets of wisdom that serve as guidelines to living a more harmonious life. Non-attachment is the practice of overcoming or releasing your attachment and desire to things, people, or concepts in the world.

Heres an example: You go on a job interview and you really want the position. You know you'll be so upset if you don't get it. Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE ATTACHED TO THE OUTCOME. A person who practices non-attachment takes the interview and releases the outcome to the flow of life. They are emotionally level- if they get the job OR not. Their happiness or fulfillment doesn't depend on the position. The basic idea of non-attachment is to loosen expectations. Don't assume people are going to behave in a certain way. Don't assume things will go according to some specific plan you've concocted. You're probably thinking, "ALRIGHT, SO I JUST SHOULDN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HOW THINGS TURN OUT" No, I'm not saying that. You go into things with a positive outlook, putting your best foot forward, doing the absolute best you can. Then you let go. You let go of your anticipation of the outcome. EASIER said then done y'all. I obviously don't have this down pat, hence why the universe is creating a non-attachment shit storm in my life that's more or less a CAT 5 hurricane. 

There is a silver lining though: Awareness.  Awareness is the key to change. Being aware of my attachment to outcomes, is the road to releasing it. As with everything, it just takes time. Woof. (Time... so tricky.) The other theme that keeps bubbling up for me is impermanence. 

Impermanence is the idea that everything in our life, including our life itself, is transient and in flux. Nothing is permanent or fixed. (Seems a little obvious) But the catch is, we find ourselves constantly wanting to make things permanent that just aren't. I do this all the time. I CANNOT let go. When things are good, I want them to stay like that. Jobs, friendships, relationships, happy moments, etc. But the truth is, nothing ever stays the same. It all changes, evolves, morphs into something else, or seizes to exist all together.

Without pain we could not understand pleasure. Without the lows we wouldn't appreciate the highs. Here lies the problem: We prefer the pleasure and the highs... of course. Thats why we struggle with impermanence. Because what feels good isn't permanent. Nothing is. So we try to hang on. We're unwilling to accept the idea that what's feeling good in the present, is in fact slipping away. And by this "hanging on" we suffer. We suffer immensely. I had a big AH-HA moment with this one. I'm suffering because I'm hanging on to something that felt good and made me happy. That something has changed, yet I'm still hanging on. And as a result, i'm suffering. BIG TIME. So what are you supposed to do? Good question. (That's what I've been wondering too.) My inkling is.... you let go. You accept that everything is transient and in flux. What's making us happy, may morph and evolve into something else, or it may drop out of our life entirely. Hanging on isn't going to keep us happy, that I know for sure. I think the big lesson i'm learning here (besides no longer hanging on, duh) is WAKE YOUR ASS UP TO THE PRESENT MOMENT. When there are happy moments, situations, relationships, circumstances, and so on... Recognize it. Notice it. Then literally bask in that amazingness. Because it could be gone in a blink of an eye. 

As you release attachment and accept impermanence, you will begin to soften. You become more present. You stop sleepwalking through life and stop taking for granted those moments and circumstances of sheer and utter joy. You stop fretting when things don't turn out as planned. You move graciously and organically with the flow of life. Moments and things evolve and you do as well, yet it's happening without resistance and with ease. This is the goal. This is the pot of gold under the bright and beautiful rainbow. This is what I'm chasing... And I hope we can all meet under the rainbow with ease and joy. 

Sending you light, love, and good vibes always-


Rachael Croll