Letting Go Of Other People's Opinions

There is so much power in our words. In the things we say. Words can lift us up or knock us down almost instantly. It's crazy how we can be so loose and mindless with our words, especially because they hold so much POWER.

When someone says something nasty or unkind about you, it's easy to begin to criticize yourself. Our natural instinct is to turn that judgement onto ourselves, questioning what kind of person we may really be. I have to be honest, I really fucking don't like this. It's so unfair that people can tarnish our own view of ourselves. Its important to understand that those who speak poorly about others, are most likely unhappy with who they are. It's easier to pick apart others than to turn the microscope onto yourself. 

GOOD NEWS- It doesn't have to be like this. Our mind can be conditioned like any muscle. We can start to tune out unwanted opinions of who we are, so that we can more clearly focus on who we truly are.

I've realized the more deeply rooted I become in my own self love, the harder it is for someone to knock me down. Every day I become a little bit stronger and a little more unapologetic about who I am. When we are really honest with ourselves, the only opinion that should matter is our own. How we feel about ourselves shapes our reality and the energy we expend outward. There will be people who don't understand you, or think you're weird, or different. Who cares? If you're authentic and true to who you are at the soul level, who gives a damn what someone else says? Maybe you've changed. Maybe your not the same person you once were. Thats okay too, because whatever happened in your past has helped mold you into the absolutely perfect person you are today. It's all part of the journey.  

We will grow and change until we leave this earth. People may not "get" us or even like us along the way, and thats okay. We let go of others opinions, so that we may develop, believe, and trust in our own opinion of ourselves. Because that is the only true opinion that matters. 

Sending you love, light, and good vibes always-

Rachael Croll